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Ongoing Projects

In addition to enormous number of prestigious projects we had completed, the following are the projects that we are currently executing:
  • Hail Sewage treatment plant , with total amount  SAR 192,181,000 .
  • Burida Operation & Maintenance O/M for sewage treatment plant in Burida  with total amount SAR 155,000,00.
  • Burida Operation & Maintenance ,O/M for water networks in Burida.
  • Development for water networks Center of Khoubar City.   
  • Sewage Pipeline Network Project of North Central Area of Jeddah, with total amount SAR 988,076,986.
  • Manfouha Reverse Osmosis I & II Plants Reverse Osmosis system modification by supply, install, test and operate with total amount SAR 21,096,000.
  • Expansion of Secondary Sewage Treatment Plant in South Riyadh with total amount SAR 109,657,421.
  • Supply & Installation water networks in different area in Khobar, well with depth 90m and Operation & Maintenance, the contract value is SAR 33,722,434.
  • Khobar Sewage Tertiary Treatment Plant, the contract value is SAR 63,329,027.
  • Dammam Secondary Treatment Plant, the contract value is SAR 68,200,000.
  • Dammam Tertiary Treatment Plant, the contract value is SAR 65,688,334.
  • Khobar Operation and Maintinance stage 5, O/M for all sewage treatment plant, sewage pump station, left station, 36 wells, ground tank, all networks pipeline (water & Sewage), civil works, customer serves, water meter reading, billing and mantinance for water mete, the contract value is SAR 61,488,000.
  • Weissa Operation & Maintenance III, O/M for water networks and pumping station in weissa, the contract value is SAR 6,515,000.
  • Hufof, Mobarraz & Ibqaq Operation and Maintenance, include sewage networks, 18 sewage stations, the contract value is SAR 32,015,000.
  • Water Wells and Development of Water Pump Station at Weissa - Abu Ghaneima, the contract value is SAR 45,790,155.
  • Al-Oyoun Sewage Treatment Plant Development, the contract value is SAR 41,814,385.
  • Hassa Sewer Networks II, the contract value is SAR 77,511,691.
  • Qatif Operation & Maintenance, with total amount SAR 43,490,000.
  • Buridah Sewage Treatment Plant, with total amount SAR 76,885,864.
  • Hassa Sewer Networks I
  • Hassa Sewer Networks III
  • Khobar Sewer Networks