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Sewer Water Network


The waste water system is the network of pipes that carries wastewater to a treatment plant to be treated and safely recycled back to nature.

Remarkable progress in nature and magnitude of work occurred in the milestone in 1981, when CWC signed a contract with Ministry of municipal and rural affairs for a project of water distribution and Sewer collection and Storm water drainage networks for Al-Jalawiyah and Dammam West Areas, for a contract value of 513 million riyals and contract duration of 3 years.

This project comprissed of water networks of about 120km with different types of pipes and diameter with necessary valve champers and fire hydrants. 150 km of sewer networks with (PVC, ESVC, DI) pipes and around 4000 manholes, construction, installation and commissioning complete sewage pumping station with 13m deep wet well with all related electromechanical works in addition to 55km of storm water networks with above 1500 catch basin and complete storm water pumping station & sea outfall.

CWC was organized into different departments and teams, both composed of highly trained and experienced personnel having very precise missions and accurate understanding of Scope of Work, CWC executed hundreds of kilometers of sewer networks with different pipes such as (PVC, R.C, FRP, PVC Lined concrete pipes) in different diameter. Our wide experience in business enables us to manipulate our workforce quickly, efficiently and effectively to suite projects of any size, any nature, and any location.

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