Concrete Division

Concrete Division

CWC with its specialized lines of work in concrete and reinforced concrete, represent an important element in infrastructure projects. Utilizing transit mixers to distributer ready mix concert, from Batching Plants for cast in situ huge concreting at various projects in different areas as well as for CWC pre cast fabrication yard, as well as enable us to provide highest conformance to quality and standards. 


Projects such as: 


  • Water treatment plants and all its elements. 
  • Sewage treatment plants and all its elements. 
  • Lift Stations from 3 to 18 meter depth and all its elements. 
  • Steel Structure works 
  • Boundary walls 


Pre Cast elements such as: 


  • Pre cast boundary foundation, columns and walls. 
  • FRP lined externally and internally Manholes with diameter from ID 1.0 m to ID 2.1 m 
  • Inspection Chamber 
  • Water Valve Chambers etc.