HSE & Quality

HSE & Quality

Civil works company LTD  HSE & Quality Commitment


First and Foremost the Management at the highest level in civil works company , are committed to Safety and Quality EXCELENCE. It is committed to protecting the welfare of its valuable assets, namely employees, physical resources and work environment, to maintain levels of Quality EXCELENCE and ensure these are consistently improved, our Company are implementing a quality system which is in full compliance with ISO-9001:2008 and continuously improving through TQM.



CWC is committed to provide a safe and good working environment for all personnel conducting its business activities in a manner that prevention of injuries, ill health and protects environment, compliance of applicable occupational health safety and environmental legal requirements.


In CWC, Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) responsibilities are integral to the way we conduct our business. Successfully managing HSE issues is an essential component of our business strategy. Through observance and encouragement of this Policy, we assist in protecting the environment and the overall well-being of all who are involved with maintenance, operation and projects by CWC, especially, our employees, client, contractors, and the communities in which we work.


All employers and management working CWC shall be responsible to take a proactive approach toward creating safe work environments for all employees and will be accountable for promoting continued HSE education and training for all employees, assigning responsibility for all aspects of the CWC operation, continuously reviewing the HSE program to identify potential areas of improvement, and ensuring thorough evaluations of all incidents.


We seek continual improvement in the performance of all of our activities and expect each person involved with any aspect our work to actively support our HSE programs to attain our “Zero Incidents” culture.


Consequently, CWC group management commits to:


  • Insist Safety as the First Priority
  • Promote Personnel Health and Well-being
  • Protect Environment and Sustainability
  • Implement Risk Management System
  • Comply with Legal and Contract Requirements
  • Engage in Trainings and Personnel Participation for competency
  • Improve HSE management System Continuously

CWC management group declare that its health, safety and environmental policy is understood, implemented, continuously updated and communicated at every level.